Western Stars [film] (auf Deutsch)

Der Konzertfilm Western Stars wurde bereits im Oktober uraufgeführt. Gestern (4 Dezember) war's endlich so weit für mich den Film anzusehen. Wie die meisten von ihnen schon wissen, ist der Film eine filmische Fassung von Bruce Springsteens neuestem Album mit demselben Namen. Es ist eine künstleriche Erweiterung Springsteens Auftritts, der im April in seinem riesiegen... Continue Reading →

2018 Media Overload

In this entry I'm going to reflect on 2018 and the media I've consumed, starting with a glance at my own blog. It has been almost a year since I published the very first (title) post "Stray Bullet" (January 23rd). Since then I've written 64 blogposts and although it's still a quite small and insignificant... Continue Reading →

Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen's historic sold-out series of his one man show Springsteen On Broadway at Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City comes to an end on December 15th, 2018. Springsteen, is known to have the ability to use his music as a narrative. His lyrics are often about what tears people apart and what keeps... Continue Reading →

Glory Days

Written by Bruce Springsteen, who incidentally celebrates his 69th birthday today (Happy Birthday, Bruce!), this song was a huge hit off the 1984 album Born in the USA. The lyrics tell the tale of someone meeting up with old high school acquaintances in later years only to discover that conversation has changed little as the... Continue Reading →

Spare Parts

We are currently being overflooded by countless releases of old Bruce Springsteen material. As much as I appreciate listening to and discovering exclusive versions of songs, rare cuts, outtakes and remastered concert downloads, Springsteen repeatedly releasing old material seems to be a big rip-off. Pockets somewhere are filled with money – and they sure as... Continue Reading →

The Wish (spoiler alert, shmoiler alert)

It's a rather new phenomenon that you, as a Springsteen fan, are not supposed to share, tell or "spoil" what's going on in a Springsteen show. Ever since joining the Springsteen community, via Twitter in 2011, it has always been all about sharing. We have shared pictures, recordings, experiences and setlists (heck, that's how the word... Continue Reading →

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