Sherry Darling

At this time of year as the rain is pouring down, the days grow shorter and darker and my mind grows weary, I need music to lift my spirits. One of the songs I turn to is Sherry Darling. Sherry Darling is a summer song in its character. There's a "hot sun beating on the... Continue Reading →

Stolen Car

Stolen Car is one of the more serene songs off the River (1980), but it's quite heavy lyrically. It tells the story of a man who seems miserable and forlorn. He once had a little house with a little girl on the edge of town, but something has gone wrong and the relationship has failed.... Continue Reading →

The Ties That Bind

In December 2018 Legacy Recordings issued the first in a series of digital releases called the Live Series. The first one, available for streaming and as digital download on services such as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify, was The Live Series: Songs of the Road. The release of the second digital album The Live Series: Songs... Continue Reading →

Meet Me in the City

Meet Me in the City is an excellent rocker with a youthful and catchy energy right up my alley. It's so good it's hard to believe it was left off the album. It begins with a classic organ riff and drums, before Springsteen comes in, his voice raspy and worn but with some desperate hope... Continue Reading →

Out in the Street

A song that is guaranteed to get me in a good mood is Out in the Street, which was released on the 1980 albumΒ The River. It's a song that emotes a great feeling of freedom and joy. Basically it's a song about being young and free, with a few bucks in your pocket after a... Continue Reading →

Cadillac Ranch

For this blogpost my intention was to write about Springsteen songs in which real locations are mentioned. When I put together the list there were so many songs I realised I maybe had taken on more than I could chew. I definitely needed to break it up in different categories. This entry, which is the... Continue Reading →

Because the Night (co-written songs part 1)

This entry, and the next (Trouble in Paradise), focus on the relatively rare occasions where Bruce Springsteen has co-credit on songs. As you will learn the reason for the co-credits are either that the collaborators have co-written or finished something he started OR had their song amended by Springsteen. I don't claim that the songs... Continue Reading →

Drive All Night

My all-time favorite performance of Drive All Night is from Gothenburg, July 27th 2012 (The Wrecking Ball Tour). An unforgettable rendition that will forever be imprinted in my heart. The setting was perfect. 20 songs into the already epic show the song's unmistaken piano intro silenced the audience, who turned dead quiet while bringing out their mobile phones,... Continue Reading →

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