The Wish (spoiler alert, shmoiler alert)

It’s a rather new phenomenon that you, as a Springsteen fan, are not supposed to share, tell or “spoil” what’s going on in a Springsteen show. Ever since joining the Springsteen community, via Twitter in 2011, it has always been all about sharing. We have shared pictures, recordings, experiences and setlists (heck, that’s how the word “setlustning” was invented).

For a while now I’ve noticed that fans who have attended the Springsteen on Broadway show, seem to think that it’s an ugly thing to share any of the details of the show and if they do, they are so afraid of ruining someone’s exeperience that they either yell: “spoiler alert” or try to describe their experience in general terms. Where does this misdirected, thus seemingly thoughtful and sympathetic, consideration come from?

I’m about to launch a theory about this and it’s a bit controversial. BruceBuds who read this are welcome to react and put me straight. Mind you, I’m not writing this to upset anyone and it might seem as I’ve been hit by a severe case of the “sour grapes syndrome” (and maybe I have), but I have to get this off my chest.

My suspicion is that there is a secret society of BruceBuds (in my head they call themselves Bloodbrothers and their code word is “spoiler alert”). It’s an exclusive crowd that consists of the lucky few who have been fortunate enough to be able to attend the Springsteen on Broadway show. This society has a secret that it has sworn to keep (most likely something that can only be seen in the show). I’ve tried to figure out what it is and my fear is that it contains shocking news about Bruce. So far the secret remains unrevealed though I’ve really tried to figure it out in almost every possible way (I have yet to listen to the audio of the show that apparently is out there).

My reason for writing this text is to point out the consequences in order to make it stop. So far the Ticketmaster verified fans-system has created a distance between the “chosen ones” and the common people. The chosen ones, of course being not only verified fans, but verified fans, who actaully got a code. They are arguably the most die hard of the die hard fans (compared to the rest of us). This new element (the secret society) broadens the gap even more.

To finish my rambling: In order to avoid the ongoing differentiating of fans: 1. change the name “verified fan” to verified person 2. Dissolve the secret society and let us all in on your secret (and stop using the term spoiler alert).

Footnote: “the sour grapes syndrome” is a serious condition that can lead to the creation of wild conspiracy theories.

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  1. Hi Anna
    I completely understand your feeling on this. It has felt like you have to be rich to see this show (I live in the UK), and in the beginning I felt that Bruce is selling out especially when you consider the price of the tickets.
    As time has gone on , I have accepted that I can’t go and I have been delighted to see that some of my Bruce Buds have been able to see the show.
    Does it heal the hunger – no it doesn’t at all but I hope that Bruce will release a show on Blu ray.
    Loved your article by the way

    All the best


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