The Live Series: Songs of Summer

Out now on streaming services and digital download is the seventh “chapter” of the Live Series, a joint product of the Legacy imprint of Springsteen’s Sony label and, which produces and distributes his monthly archival sets. This new playlist named Songs of Summer features a 15-track complication of “feel-good favourites”. The collection is... Continue Reading →

The Live Series: Songs of Love

Bruce Springsteen's The Live Series: Songs of Love was released earlier in the summer on digital streaming services. It's a 15 track compilation of love songs plucked from live recordings between 1975 and 2016. So far, four "The Live Series"-playlists featuring live rarities related to certain themes, have been released. The songs on the... Continue Reading →

Show a Little Faith …

As I was practising kicking techniques in kickboxing practise two months ago, I accidentally fell. I landed hard on my elbow and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I couldn't continue the set. I later found out that the fall had caused serious damage to my shoulder (a ruptured rotator cuff). show a little... Continue Reading →

Paradise by the C

In the category of great and magnificent saxophone players in rock, Clarence Clemons stands unmatched. His two-minute solo on ‘Jungleland’ is surely the best sax solo ever, delivering pure poetry from an instrument considered by many to be music's sexiest instrument. For nearly 40 years "the Big Man" gave Bruce Springsteen's music much of its... Continue Reading →

Spirit In The Night

This blogpost was supposed to be a celebration of Clarence "Big Man" Clemons, as June 18th marked the 7th anniversary of his passing. As I started writing I realised rather quickly that it was also going to be a celebration of comradeship. The story of how Clarence Clemons met Bruce Springsteen for the first time... Continue Reading →

Thunder Road

My top ten Bruce Springsteen songs change from week to week depending on my current mood. The one song that consistently stays in my top three, though, is Thunder Road. In my opinion, Thunder Road is the mother of all Springsteen songs, one of the greatest songs ever written and it has been one of... Continue Reading →

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