Vorfreude #SpringsteenTour2023

Vorfreude is a German word that translates to “pre-joy” or “anticipary joy” in English. It refers to the feeling of joy or excitement that comes from looking forward to something, even before it has happened. It is also a concept that captures the idea that the anticipation of something enjoyable can be just as gratifying as the experience itself.

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band kicked off their 2023 International Tour on Februari 1 in Tampa, Florida. The first leg of the tour includes 31 performances across the United States before heading to Europe. Recently a third leg with 26 additional shows in North America stretching from August to December have been added.

The Facebook live streams and the YouTube clips I’ve caught have shown an inspired band that is having a lot of fun. The setlist has been pretty static so far. It consists of a good mix of old and new and seems to tell a story. However, it is well known that, although the concerts have a core setlist, the shows will vary and especially when they play the same arena more than one time. I really can’t wait to see the band live again.

My companion (pita_oli) and I will board the Springsteen train in April for the last three shows of the first leg and as I’m writing this, it’s only a month until we travel to New York (yay!). I’ll fly from Gothenburg to Stockholm early on April 8th and then to Reykjavik, where I’ll hook up with my partner, who is arriving from Germany, for the final flight to JKF. There are some details that need to be sorted still; the ESTA application, an American SIM card and, most importantly, two tickets to the Newark show (!)

Two weeks after we come home from the States, the European leg of the tour will kick off in Barcelona (my first visit to the city). We have tickets to both shows and then we will follow the tour for quite a few shows more across Europe. It’ll be a busy summer and one of the most terrific experiences of my life. Just the travel plan, a beautifully complex spreadsheet made with German precision, is as exhilarating as it gets and the feeling of Vorfreude is unmistakable.

Read more about our tour plans and see the timeline here.

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Bruce Springsteen in Belmont Park, NY

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  1. I am just THRILLED 4 U to be going to so many of the shows, Anna, both European and here in my home town of NYC! (or the environs thereof). Welcome in! Lucky lady to be doing this! I only have a single ticket to see The Boss in Brooklyn on 3 April, but am avidly looking fwd to it, as u might imagine. It’s been way too long to see him w the fantastic E Street Band in concert too. We shall be in fine fettle, and yes, anticipatory joy is evident also, as we approach these dates…enjoy your summer, thoroughly! Wishing u some surprises in set list also.

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