Where the Bands Are [COVID-19 and postponed shows]

As the coronavirus disease continues to spread (the disease now reaches more than 40 countries), live event organisers are forced to cancel or postpone more and more events. Large conferences, sport events and major concerts are affected. They all face the same problem: Is a public gathering worth the risk of spreading the new coronavirus?

Most newspapers report about this and many have compiled lists of major concerts and events that have been postponed or canceled due to the outbreak [Sky News]

Yesterday I was affected by this for the first time as the postponement of Friday the 13th’s Bryan Adam’s Shine A Light show in Gothenburg was announced. I had my tickets for that show redeemed today.

Also yesterday, Pearl Jam, that I’ve planned to see in Frankfurt this summer (don’t have any ticket yet though) announced that their scheduled first leg of our PJ/Gigaton tour will need to be postponed. The shows will be rescheduled for a later dates, leaving their fans disappointed but marvellously understanding. What concerns the PJ fan base the most are the cancellations of flights and hotel reservations.

It remains to be seen how many more shows will be called off or rescheduled before the virus is under control. Upcoming shows for me are Jesse Malin (April 2) and Brian Fallon (April 26). I’ll make sure to follow the news and I guess you will too.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

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  1. Anna, sorry about the cancellations and/or postponements, which while prudent, r certainly disconcerting. I am mulling over my planned trip to Scandinavia, including Stockholm, presently, this July, because of the coronavirus. But still waiting 4 more news on it. The cruise line has offered up to 2 yrs to reschedule if we want to, on an equal basis, for what we have paid. In the meantime, follow your local health authorities for best practices, and stay healthy!

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