New York, here we come! #SpringsteenTour2023

As I’ve said before, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of excitement that comes with planning a trip. From choosing the destination (and buying the concert tickets) to packing your bags, every step of the journey is filled with anticipation (Vorfreude). However, there’s no better feeling than finally hitting the road and embarking on the new adventure. Tomorrow, Saturday 8 April, my boyfriend and I will be on our way to New York, to catch the three last shows of the first leg of the Bruce Springsteen 2023 tour.

Grab your ticket and your suitcase…

Travelling with someone who lives in another country makes the planning a bit more complicated. My route tomorrow is Gothenburg- Stockholm- Reykjavik- New York. He departs from Germany and we’ll meet up in Reykjavik for the final flight to JFK. We’re just checked in and I’m beyond excited. Fingers crossed there will be no delays or complications.

New York, ready or not, here we come!

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  1. Liebe Anna,
    ich wünsche euch eine tolle Zeit in New York und ein großartiges Konzert – mit hoffentlich bald folgendem Bericht samt Bildern!
    Viele Grüße aus München & nebenbei auch frohe Ostern!

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  2. Dear Anna:

    Wishing u safe and timely tripping to my hometown! I live in Queens in NYC. U r in 4 a treat to see The Boss w the E Street Band! I went to the show on 3 April, in Brooklyn. Absolutely fantastic! Even tho I hungered to see Jungleland and was not lucky w that particular song, as he did the 1st time on 1 April…But still AMAZING SHOW! I am also looking fwd to your posted reviews of your shows. Each show has a core that all the shows have, but also some deviations in 1st timer songs as well. And some get dropped, like Trapped wasn’t in mine, but I got others that were very good.

    Check out set lists at to see the latest ones, and do enjoy it! Welcome to the Big Apple! A great time to come here too. I’m sure your bf will also enjoy the hell out of it. And I met up w a couple who came to the Brooklyn show from Sweden also, pre-concert, at Shake Shack, a great burger joint. I thought of u then also. My show ran only 2 hrs 50 minutes long.


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