Where the Bands Are (WOW 2018 Day 2)

Way Out West 2018 Day 2 (August 10)

Day two of Way Out West starts off in the worst possible way. A storm has hit Gothenburg in the morning and they have to postpone the start from 12 to 14 which leads to cancelled and/or moved shows. The Courtney Marie Andrews show for example (that I had been recommended to see) is first cancelled but later moved causing a major collision, as she plays at the same time as Kendrick Lamar AND Popsicle 🤦🏻‍♀️

img_4206I’m seeing Jason Timbuktu & Damn! [stage: Flamingo] as first act again (just like yesterday) but this time in a whole other setting. The Swedish rapper Timbuktu in concert is the pedal to the metal. He starts strong and never slows down. The music is a brilliant mix of hip hop, samba, funk and reggae. The lyrics are delivered with gorgeous passion. It’s groovy and fun and the horn section is exceptionally good and tight.

Highlights: Alla Vill till Himmelen Men Ingen Vill Dö, Det Löser Sig and Resten av Ditt Liv.

img_4232For Miriam Bryant’s show [stage: Flamingo] changes appearances completely. Dressed in a transparent flounce skirt and flowers in her hair Bryant fully matches the stage decorations. Though Miriam Bryant in the past years has become a publicly beloved pop artist, who turns everything she touches into gold, the set is a bit idle and the setlist is a bit too professionally arranged hitparade without edge. It  doesn’t catch me as I had expected it would. She is still refreshingly awkward and quirky inbetween songs, though, and her voice is amazing but there is something missing for me this afternoon.

Highlights: Black Car and Rocket

Popsicle [stage: Linné] were in their prime in Sweden during the 90s, as one of many indiepop bands that were popular around that time. They’ve recently reunited to play a few nostalgic gigs. Their set tonight (in competition with Kendrick Lamar on the main stage) doesn’t deliver any surprises but just the right mix of songs the audience like to hear.

Unfortunately I have to leave before it ends to make my way to the next concert, which is Anna Ternheim in [stage: Annedalskyrkan]. Sadly the demand for that set is way too big. When I arrive at the venue the queue outside stretches for more than 300 meters and the doors are closed before I get even close to get in.

Way Out West

The music and film festival Way Out West (WOW), has attracted visitors from all over Sweden and from abroad for twelve years. Each year it fills Gothenburg and Slottskogen, which is a centrally located park, with three days of music, festivities and culture. After dark the festival moves to clubs in central Gothenburg and becomes Stay Out West.

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