Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a song written by Bruce Springsteen. It was released on the Greatest Hits compilation album as well as on the five-song EP Blood Brothers in 1996 and on the DVD Blood Brothers which was released in 2001. It was written in early 1995, the night just before he and the E Street Band went into the studio to record bonus tracks for Greatest Hits. It’s a celebration of the members and the friendships of the E Street Band – which had been disbanded in 1989.

We stood side by side each one fightin’ for the other
We said until we died we’d always be blood brothers

In the liner notes of his 1995 Greatest Hits album, Springsteen wrote, “It was good to see the guys.” In an interview the same year Springsteen said that the song is about trying to understand the meaning of friendship as you grow older. The lyrics are about the deep relationships of the band and what part they have played in his life, from when he was young, and what they mean to him now.

The song, which Springsteen delivers in soft haunted voice, is both emotional and pensive. It has been played live only six times. One of the most memorable is at the end of the reunion tour Bruce where “Blood Brothers” was performed for the first time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship and what my friends mean to me lately. I’m been blessed with a handful of friends that I consider my very best friends. They are part of my inner circle and they are all that I can wish for. Due to recent events I’ve learnt that I can count on them to be there for me when I need them. I’m very grateful to know they have my back and I hope I can repay them some day.

A good friend supports and encourages, tolerates your shortcomings and accepts you unconditionally. A good friend offers a warm bed and a hug at any time of the day (or night) when it’s necessary. It’s someone who answers your call or your text and sends out loving vibes when there is just a sense that they are needed.

A really good friend also knows when to set you straight, to deliver some hard truths that only a true friendships is capable of. They may wake you up to all of the possibilities that live within you and help you to realize your full potential. A true friend knows when it’s time to offer a cup of tea and when to take you out for a beer.

My friends do all that and more.

Blood Brothers is a fantastic poem to friends and I dedicate it to MY friends – you know who you are! ❤️

Now on out here on this road
Out on this road tonight
I close my eyes and feel so many friends around me
In the early evening light
And the miles we have come
And the battles won and lost
Are just so many roads travelled
So many rivers crossed

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