It’s the working, the working, just the working life

Bruce Springsteen’s exploration through the lives of working class people has been a frequent theme throughout his musicianship. He has become a storyteller of characters struggling to find their place in the world. In honour of International Worker’s Day 2020, check out my list of six Springsteen tracks that feature their protagonist actually working. I’m... Continue Reading →

It’s a Mad Dog’s Promenade

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you’re hearing about the coronavirus disease right now. Every single day there are new press conferences from the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Board of Health and Welfare and (the other day) even the Swedish king (!), as conditions are changing hour by hour.... Continue Reading →

Where the Bands Are [COVID-19 and postponed shows]

As the coronavirus disease continues to spread (the disease now reaches more than 40 countries), live event organisers are forced to cancel or postpone more and more events. Large conferences, sport events and major concerts are affected. They all face the same problem: Is a public gathering worth the risk of spreading the new coronavirus?... Continue Reading →

The Dogs on Main Street (h)owl…

According to myth the owl was a symbol of wisdom and strategy. An owl sat on goddess Athena's blind side, so that she could see the whole truth. In Ancient Greece, the owl was a symbol of a higher wisdom, and it was also a guardian of the Acropolis. Native Americans associate the meaning of... Continue Reading →

Record Store Day 2019

Record Store Day 2019 was celebrated worldwide today, Saturday, April 13. In Gothenburg the classic record store Bengans was hosting a series of events including an exclusive vinyl sale and live performances (Awaze, Tyred Eyes, Alice B, and Westkust). [more on Record Store Day] Alice B (Alice Botéus) is a Swedish singer song-writer from Gothenburg.... Continue Reading →


On March 22, E Street Band saxophonist Jake Clemons (the nephew of the late Clarence Clemons) released a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Democracy. The song will be on his next album, due out in May. Together with the release of the song, tour dates were announced, including shows in the Netherlands, New Jersey (USA), the... Continue Reading →

Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up!

For quite a few years now I haven't had a record player. I switched to CD's when that became popular and the last years I've depended on streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube to provide me with music. Don't get me wrong, Spotify is a very convenient and user-friendly media especially when you are... Continue Reading →

Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen's historic sold-out series of his one man show Springsteen On Broadway at Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City comes to an end on December 15th, 2018. Springsteen, is known to have the ability to use his music as a narrative. His lyrics are often about what tears people apart and what keeps... Continue Reading →

Livin’ in the Future

The song Livin' in the Future is an upbeat and, on the surface, catchy and happy song starting off with a snare drum and big bright saxophone (Clarence is doing a fab job throughout the song). The guitar work is also fantastic. Musically the song is very R n' B and it has an explicit... Continue Reading →

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