Where the Bands Are (Fettes Brot, 1 November 2019)

Fettes Brot are a German Hip Hop group that was formed already in 1992. They have delivered hip hop classics for over 25 years. Any German who doesn’t know at least two lines of their hits Nordic by Nature, Jein or Emanuela must have spent the past two decades behind the moon without a radio, TV or any other connection to the world.

The Palladium in Cologne takes around 4,000 spectators and as the ticket were released they were quickly sold out, and an additional concert too. My companion and I managed to get hold of tickets the day of the first concert (1 November).

Fettes Brot walked onto stage at 9pm. King Boris, Dokter Renz and Björn Beton kicked off with Ich liebe mich from their latest album Lovestory in front of a huge banner with rows of cherries from the album cover. The three guys were accompanied by a disc jockey (DJ Pauly), a drummer and two other musicians on keyboards, horns and guitars.

One of Fettes Brot’s trademarks is to create fusions of own songs and well known hits of other artists. The song Erdbeben, for example, was mixed with Depeche Mode’s “Just Cant’t get Enough”, and their song Schwule Mädchen was merged with Prodigy’s “Firestarter”.

The setlist was a good mix of old and new and my favourite song: An Tage wie diesen was performed as last song of the main set.

An Tagen wie diesen
Wünscht man sich Unendlichkeit
An Tagen wie diesen
Haben wir noch ewig Zeit
Wünsch’ ich mir Unendlichkeit

Although I didn’t quite get all the lyrics (German is not my first language) and I only knew ONE song beforehand (now you know for sure I’m not German) I really enjoyed the energy from the band and the enthusiastic audience. It was a night of fun and dancing!

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