Where the Bands Are (Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, 5 August, 2019)

For my fifth time seeing Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, a different city and venue, a great meet-up and terrific show – a glorious Communion and Party Mambo!

The Venue

Amager Bio is one of Copenhagen’s most frequently used concert venues with about 200 concerts a year. It has a capacity of 1100 standing guests. It has been a concert venue since 1997 and prior to that it was a cinema, hence the name (”Amager Bio” is short for ”Amager Biograf” which means Amager Cinema).

Despite the fact that the stage is wide enough to host the full fourteen piece band that is the Disciples of Soul, the room is relatively small and that contributes to the show’s intimate setting. On the first floor along the sides and in the back, there’s a balcony overlooking the stage. The bar just outside the doors is supplemented by smaller bars (with a limited selection) set up inside.

Baby baby put the camera down/Shut off the phone if you know how/The only way to take you higher/Is let the music get inside you

The Show

Although the setlist was identical to the one in Stockholm earlier this summer (read my review here), I enjoyed this show a lot more; the band seemed tighter, the venue sweatier, the crowd more enthusiastic and the wall of sound was perfectly mixed- a little over two hours of pure joy and energy.

The Summer of Sorcery is a fantastic album and the songs seem easy, not only to reproduce but also to make sound better sonically on stage. I love practically all of the songs on the album, but my favourites (that also make me dance 🕺🏼) are: Party Mambo, Love Again, Soul Power Twist and Superfly Terraplane.

The band have been touring for a long time now, almost without pausing, as their Soulfire Tour turned into The Summer of Sorcery tour. This was their third visit to Denmark in two years. Without any sign of fatigue Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul gave their all and they played with their hearts and souls.

The Communion

The E Street Fan community is a fantastic thing; people from all over the world meet and get to know each other online through a common taste in music. Over the years many have also met IRL at various shows and became friends. It’s inevitable to bump into a bunch of them when going to a Little Steven concert. This time a few of us decided meet-up for some food before enjoying the show.

Søren (@SoerenJuhl), Ann-Sofie (@asok80), Jennifer (@silverwyvern99), Anne (@tutmarie), Bodil and I had a blast.

Ann-Sofie, Jennifer and I will go to London to see Jake Clemons in October. Who will we bump into there?

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  • Setlist:
  • Communion
  • Camouflage of Righteousness
  • Party Mambo!
  • Love Again
  • Education
  • On Sir Francis Drake
  • I Visit the Blues
  • Gravity
  • Los Desaparecidos
  • Little Girl So Fine
  • Trapped Again
  • Love on the Wrong Side if Town
  • A World of Our Own
  • Suddenly You
  • Vortex
  • I Am a Patriot
  • Superfly Terraplane
  • Bitter Fruit
  • Forever
  • Encore
  • Summer of Sorcery
  • Soul Power Twist
  • Sun City
  • Out of the Darkness
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