Where the Bands Are (Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, 1 June, 2019)

Little Steven and The Disciples of Souls‘ show in the venue “Cirkus” in Stockholm was vibrant and powerful, both musically and visually. With its oversized production; a full fourteen piece band consisting of a five piece horn section, drummer, bass player, bongo and percussionist, two keyboard players, three backing singers and a guitarist plus Steven Van Zandt, the stage was pretty full. The sound they delivered was BIG on so many levels.

From the start the crowd were moving and grooving and so were the band. The show focused heavily on the material from the new album of original material Summer of Sorcery (all songs, apart from one, were played), but they also presented some old favourites including Sun City and Out of the Darkness. Three songs written by Van Zandt but recorded and made famous by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes were also performed.

Little Steven, dressed in his trademark bandana, scarf and a heavy overcoat (which he peeled off after a few songs), sounded strong vocally throughout the night. This is Jersey Shore Rock ‘n’ Roll at its best with rich bombastic horn arrangements, dancing grooves, and high powered performances from a band that love their job.

It is refreshing to see that, although he has stated that he wants his concerts to be a “safe zone” politically, Little Steven hasn’t lost his involvment and commitment for political issues. Inbetween songs he delivers words of wisdom on for example environmental issues such as boycotting plastic bottles (one of the songs are dedicated to Swedish teenager and environmental activist Greta Thunberg) and the current political situation (as an introduction to I am a Patriot).

Education is the weapon/ the weapon is education

Applaus to Little Steven who continues his praising of teachers. “Teachers are the most under-appreciated and underpaid workers, we give them absolutely no respect, but they’re completely responsible for the future of our country”, he says.

I’ve written before about the outstanding 100+ lesson plan collection “TeachRock” and the workshop I attended last year in Malmö [read all about that here]. The Summer of Sorcery tour doesn’t offer any workshop. However, teachers (plus one) are offered free admission to the show which I appreciated much!


  • Communion
  • Camouflage of Righteousness
  • Party Mambo!
  • Love Again
  • Education
  • On Sir Francis Drake/I Visit The Blues
  • Gravity
  • Los Desaparecidos
  • Little Girl So Fine
  • Trapped Again
  • Love on the Wrong Side of Town]
  • A World of Our Own
  • Suddenly You
  • Vortex
  • I Am a Patriot
  • Superfly Terraplane
  • Bitter Fruit
  • Forever
  • Encores:
  • Summer of Sorcery
  • Soul Power Twist
  • Sun City
  • Out of the Darkness

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