Where the Band Was: Guest Blogging

A blog I read every day and that I can really recommend, if you are a Bruce Springsteen fan, is the the E Street Shuffle-blog (link below).

As promoted, it provides you with “Your daily dose of Springsteen originals and covers” – and that is not exaggerating it. The blog features different series of postings, at least two of which appear daily:

  • Kingdom of Days: Brief “On this Day in Bruce History”-articles packed with rare audio, photos, and articles.
  • Roll of the Dice: Longer analytic pieces on single Bruce Springsteen songs. A random generator is used to pick the song, hence the name “Roll of the Dice”.
  • Cover Me: Notable covers of Bruce Springsteen songs by other artists, or of other artists by Bruce.
  • Meeting Across the River: Rare duets and guest performances with other artists.

AND (my favourite series):

  • Where the Band Was, where Ken shares his own personal stories from the Springsteen shows he’s seen.

Ken and I have come in contact and sometime we exchange personal experiences and thoughts and give each other advice. A couple of months back Ken told me that, since the blog has been up and running for more than a full year, his stories have pretty much all been told. His plan was open the series to other fans with stories to tell, and I couldn’t be more happy and honoured to be asked to be the inaugural guest blogger.

“My” entry was posted yesterday on the anniversary of a show in Stockholm, where Bruce Springsteen surprised and delighted fans when playing his Born to Run album start-to-finish for the first time in Europe. Read the story below (the fantastic video-clips are from Ken’s vast vault).


2 thoughts on “Where the Band Was: Guest Blogging

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  1. Anna, thanks *so* much for the recommendation and for being my first guest-blogger! Your story made me feel like I was really there. (Mental note: make sure I get to a a show in Sweden on the next tour.) Please keep sharing your stories! 🙂

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  2. Your memory surpasses mine regarding the Born to Run-concert at Friends arena….but, sure, the brutal sound still lingers (in my ears)…
    Remember though, that the rest of the songs seemed a bit unattached at those full-record concerts. And the magic of not knowing what song comes next disappears…during the full-record run.
    …Swedish singer/songwriter Mauro Scocco attended a few rows in front of me.

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