Belmont Park, NY 11.04.2023 #SpringsteenTour2023

Showday #2! We left our hotel quite early. I had pointed out to my boyfriend that we didn’t have to go so early this time since we had seats and there’s really no point in queuing. However, he said that he wanted to go to the arena to soak in the surroundings and get the whole “concert experience.”

We took the LIRR to the Elmont station and started walking towards the venue. It was quite sunny and even warmer than the day before. Just before arriving at the GA entrance he chuckled and said “Happy Birthday!” (I have a big birthday coming up this summer). He had bought us GA for this show too!! What a great gift! 🥳

We got our wristbands and, like last time, were told to come back at 4:30 pm for a line up. I must say I like the way the UBS Arena handled the queuing situation. There were no handwritten name lists made by fans and therefore no fighting among fans and no repeated roll calls.

However, when it was 4:30 pm we really didn’t feel like “forming a line”, so we went to the party tent for a beer instead. We also had to get rid of our old (seated) tickets.

Getting rid of the tickets wasn’t as easy as we would have thought. Nobody responded to our posts on BTX or on the ticket exchange on FB. In the end we ended up giving the tickets away to a lady and her daughter who had nosebleed seats.

Before the show the discussion among fans was if the setlist, that has been pretty static, would change since these were the only back-to-back shows at the same venue on this leg of the tour.

Last show we got Mary’s Place as a tour debut and it got played last night too- an excellent song to get the audience involved and excited. They also played Trapped (no Johnny 99 or Pay Me My Money Down) and Lucky Town (replaced Candy’s Room). The tour debut was Born In the USA- only played four times with the E Street Band in the United States in 2016 and three times in 2014. Prior to that it hasn’t been played with the band in the United States since 2009. What a shocker!

Bruce ripped his shirt open before the band introductions and playing 10th Avenue Freeze-Out. I must say that I don’t get the point of ripping shirts at all.

To summarise: a great show, almost as great as Sunday’s show. Bruce sounded a bit hoarse, but the energy was good and I was so happy to be in the pit again- excellent birthday present!

Setlist Tuesday, April 11, 2023
UBS Arena, Elmont, NY

  1. No Surrender
  2. Ghosts
  3. Prove It All Night
  4. Letter To You
  5. The Promised Land
  6. Out in the Street
  7. Lucky Town
  8. Kitty’s Back
  9. Nightshift
  10. Mary’s Place
  11. Trapped
  12. E Street Shuffle
  13. Last Man Standing
  14. Backstreets
  15. Because the Night
  16. She’s the One
  17. Wrecking Ball
  18. The Rising
  19. Badlands
  20. Thunder Road


  1. BORN IN THE USA (tour premiere)
  2. Born to Run
  3. Rosalita
  4. Glory Days
  5. Dancing in the Dark
  6. 10th Avenue Freeze-out
  7. I’ll See You in My Dreams

Next show: Friday, April 14, at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

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  1. Wow, nice bf to get u the tickets u wanted, as an advanced BD present! And u had another pair u wanted to sell besides? Wow. I was trying to figure out that conundrum, if u were going no matter what, but also selling 2 tickets…at least u made that mother and daughter very happy, rescuing them from lesser seats. The good u do 4 others comes back 2 u, so consider it your good luck karma on this trip. I am impressed u r doing all 3 of these shows, in the USA NY metro area, even tho the changes r modest ones, just a little bit, from show to show. I expect that your Newark show will be even more surprising, because it’s Jersey, Bruce’s home state. He usually outdoes himself in NJ…I have seen him more in NJ than any other state. In any case, enjoy it, and stay wary as u traipse around this fair city, both NYC and Newark. Especially at off times, when it’s not as busy. Greetings From Belmont Park indeed!

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    1. Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting. I’m really enjoying my trip. Today we arrived in Newark and have just explored the city centre. It’s crazy hot outside.


  2. Oh, and the ripping shirts is just considered to be fan love, showing his chest as a sex God, or something like that…I think he has a shirt that has snaps, instead of actually ripping a shirt every concert night. But snaps aren’t as cool as destruction tho, so who knows? Did u see destruction of a shirt close up in the pit?

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    1. There were no shirt-ripping at all in the first show. He was wearing another kind of shirt with buttons only half way. Yesterday’s ripping didn’t cause any destruction that I could see.


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