Where the Bands Are (The Seeger Sessions Revival, 6 May, 2023)

Turns out we were not the only Springsteen fans who chose to attend the sold out concert with The Seeger Sessions Revival in the Button Factory in Dublin on May 6, 2023. There were familiar faces and Springsteen t-shirts all over.

The stage was almost too small to host the 13-piece band which is The Seeger Sessions Revival. The band consists of a bunch of talented musicians playing a bunch of different music instruments. Apart from a four-piece brass section, I saw a banjo, an acoustic guitar, a steel guitar, an accordion, a synthesiser, a rhythm section, a contrabass and a fiddle.

The Seeger Sessions Revival is not a cover band. It’s a band that “revive” the spirit and energy of the Seeger Sessions with their own arrangements using strong group vocal harmonies and a wide range of instruments. I especially liked the fiddle player.

In a two hour long set they delivered a high energy set of songs from Springsteen’s iconic Seeger Sessions including Mrs McGrath, Old Dan Tucker, Pay Me My Money Down, Erie Canal, Jacobs Ladder and We Shall Overcome, but also classic Springsteen songs such as Growin’ Up, Atlantic City and American Land

The Button Factory is situated in the vibrant Tempel Bar area. The venue, which has a capacity of about 550 people, was more than packed. The energy from the band, supported by the energy from the audience, which sang along and cheered all night almost blew the roof off.

What an evening and what better way to spend the evening between two Springsteen shows!

📸 @pita_oli @theseegersessionsreveval

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