Dublin 05.05.2023 #SpringsteenTour2023

The Dublin dates are the only tour dates that don’t have any option to buy front of stage tickets. That means that if you want to be sure to be in the pit, it will require a certain amount of queuing.

With that in mind we went to the venue fairly early on Friday morning to get a number for the roll calls. As everybody knows, Ireland is infamous for its unpredictable weather, so we were cleverly equipped with rain ponchos and other gear to keep rain and wetness away from our clothes, our phones and the camera,The first roll call would be at 10am, the next at 1pm and after that everybody would have to stay.

After the first roll call we went for a “fika” (the Swedish word for a coffee break with a little something to eat). We found a very cute place called Leroy’s Coffee, where we had coffee and a biscuit in the sun (yes, the sun was still shining). After that we took a stroll towards the village. By chance we ran into Bronagh and Lilleth and found a perfect photo op outside the walls of the arena.

I must say that compared to the Barcelona ordeal the queuing and the entering of the pit was a very smooth experience. The organising fans and the staff from Aiken promotions were working really well together. We had found our spot in the back of the pit at 4:20pm and, while waiting for the show to start, we had a nice chat with Ann and Nigel, who were standing next to us.

At around 7:30pm the show started. The stage was still flooded by sunlight, the band entered the stage and many of the band members were wearing sunglasses. The setlist was almost the same as earlier shows. New for us, and personal favourite, was Land of Hope and Dreams, which was dedicated to the journalist Charlie Bird.

The sound wasn’t completely right. Off and on there were some feedback from the microphone that was somewhat disturbing. Compared to Barcelona, the audience was a bit lame. There was some jumping and fist pumping, but only up front. The people in the stands didn’t really engage until the encores, where everyone was finally standing up, dancing and singing along. Bruce’s voice was crystal clear during the last song I’ll See You in My Dreams it to hear whole arena singing the last words sent shivers down my spine.

The show ended at 10:15pm, without a single raindrop.

Next show: 07.05.2023, Dublin.


  1. No Surrender
  2. Ghosts
  3. Prove It All Night
  4. Letter To You
  5. The Promised Land
  6. Out In The Street
  7. Candy’s Room
  8. Kitty’s Back
  9. Nightshift
  10. Mary’s Place
  11. Johnny 99
  12. The E Street Shuffle
  13. Last Man Standing
  14. Backstreets
  15. Because The Night
  16. She’s The One
  17. Wrecking Ball
  18. The Rising
  19. Badlands
  20. Thunder Road
  21. Land of Hope and Dreams
  22. Born In The USA
  23. Born To Run
  24. Glory Days
  25. Dancing in the Dark
  26. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  27. I’ll See You in My Dreams

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