Where the Bands Are (Larkin Poe, 1 Juni, 2022)

I discovered Larkin Poe quite recently through YouTube where they, during lockdown, posted fantastic covers of classic rock songs (check out their YouTube account!) and that made me want to see them live.

Larkin Poe, are the sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell backed up by Tarka Layman on bass and keys, and Kevin McGowan on drums. On June 1 they performed in the small venue Trädgår’n in Gothenburg. It was my first outdoor concert of the year, which actually was a surprise to me since I hadn’t read the concert information carefully enough and thought they were playing indoors. 😅.

Just like those YT-sessions, younger sister Rebecca took the lead on stage with both guitar and vocals, whilst Megan provided wonderful harmonies and some amazing solos on her slide guitar. The two obviously have a wonderful connection being sisters, and they really do complement each other perfectly on stage.

The guitar parts showcase how well they play off each other.

The show opened with an energetic version of She’s a Self Made Man, the title track of their latest album which was released during lockdown – a natural crowd-pleaser. The concert then presented a selection of fan favourites from across their studio albums.

The set’s highlights included; Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues- an enjoyable guitar driven track, written by Rebecca for her big sister, Holy Ghost Fire and the newly released track Bad Spell.

Larkin Poe is definitely one you need to tick off your bucket list of rock bands to get out and see live. They play an electric fusion of feel-good rock with country and blues flavour. The lead singer Rebecca is an exceptional raw talent, with foolproof vocals, that somehow manage every tricky rocky edge with ease.

Encore: Come On in My Kitchen


  1. She’s a Self Made Man
  2. Keep Diggin’
  3. Trouble in Mind
  4. Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues
  5. Preachin’ Blues
  6. Holy Ghost Fire
  7. John the Revelator
  8. Back Down South
  9. Summertime Sunset
  10. Mad as a Hatter
  11. Bad Spell
  12. Black Echo
  13. Blue Ridge Mountains
  14. Wanted Woman – AC/DC
  15. Come On in My Kitchen

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