Turn it up, turn it up (Foo Fighters ”Medicine At Midnight”)

Medicine at Midnight is Foo Fighters’ tenth studio album. The album was originally scheduled for 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic delayed to February 5, 2021. Three singles have been released ahead of the album’s release: Shame Shame in November 2020, No Son of Mine on New Year’s Day 2021, and Waiting on a War in January 2021.

The album is a rather brief affair, just nine songs that clock in at 36:32 minutes. It’s lighter, quirkier and goofier than I had expected and I needed to listen a handful of times until it grew on me. Even though hardcore fans might not like this more pop-oriented album, songs like No Son of Mine, Love Dies Young and Holding Poison are trademark Foo (and also my favourites). They are grungy and fit Grohl’s expressive, agile voice perfectly.

I also like Waiting on a War and the title track Medicine At Midnight whereas Chasing Birds, a song that has a strong resemblance to the song Woman by John Lennon, and Shame Shame just make me confused.

Too bad I don’t have an Apple Music subscription. This looks interesting:

Also a available on SiriusXM:

Hear the Foo Fighters reflect on their new album ‘Medicine At Midnight’ in 6-part series

Track listing:

  1. “Making a Fire”
  2. “Shame Shame”
  3. “Cloudspotter”
  4. “Waiting on a War”
  5. “Medicine at Midnight”
  6. “No Son of Mine”
  7. “Holding Poison”
  8. “Chasing Birds”
  9. “Love Dies Young”

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