Where the Bands Are (Way Out West 2019- Day 3)

Way Out West, 10 August, 2019

Day 3

My day started at eight in the morning. I had set the alarm to get ready for the film “Beat”, which I had heard is a really good film. However, when I woke up the sound of heavy rain against the apartment windows made me stay in my warm bed.

Titiyo [stage: Flamingo] is a Swedish pop-soul singer whose biggest hits were released in the 90s. In 2016 she released a new album, 13 gården, this time in Swedish.

It’s not easy being one of the day’s first acts in a music festival, especially not with dark rain clouds threatening in the sky. The crowd in front of the stage was small and Titiyo started off low-key. She sang a couple of songs, her eyes were closed and I was almost on my way off. Then, she opened her eyes and started talking and singing TO the audience. Displayed behind her was a photo of her parents and she talked about them and her life. Life’s big issues relate to music and Titiyo’s latest music, in Swedish this time, is very much influenced by that.

In the end I liked the show. It was low-key but accessible and intriguing. The old hits, Come Along and Talking to the Man in the Moon, mixed with the new songs made a good variation.

Right after Titiyo’s show the sky opened up and for the rest of the day it was more it less rainy.

Hiding in the tent that covered the stage Linné, we caught a glimpse of Little Dragon, who incidentally probably had their biggest audience in their lives (due to the rain) while waiting for the next show in the open air.

In 2012 a group of friends, all involved in their own musical projects, found each other in a common musical project: Amason [stage: Flamingo]. Since then they have gone from being a spontaneous music project to becoming one of Sweden’s most acclaimed bands and an unforgettable live act.

To me it was hard to get a grip on Amason, During their show they seem to change their sounds between songs; from their old songs to their new (apparently their new album is released next week), from when Amanda Bergman sings to when Gustav Ejstes sings and from English lyrics to Swedish lyrics- confusing!

Still, Amason fight the bad weather (heavy showers off and on) quite well and at the end of the show the play the crowdpleasers: Marry me Just For Fun and Ålen. Other highlights: the sax solo during the song Kelly and when the poet Daniel Boysciouglo entered the stage to read one of his poems.

The Amason show concluded the day for us, there weren’t any more acts we were keen to see and wet and cold we left the festival for a pub to warm up.

All in all it was an ok festival. This year’s lineup wasn’t strong but I’ve listened to some good music, ate some good food (all food served are vegan or lakto-ovo-vegetarian and I can really recommend Sunset Falafel), and, most importantly, I’ve spent time with friends. Until next year Way Out West!

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