Stray Bullet

A Stray Bullet is a bullet that, after being fired from a gun, hits an unintended target; a bullet that hits you when the attacker was not aiming at you at all.

Life is a lot like that for me at the moment. Not very often as bloody or dramatic as the definition above implies, but things/thoughts hit me like stray bullets like today when I suddenly was struck by the idea that I was going to start a blog or when I last summer, on a whim, decided to start kickboxing.

This is a new “adventurous” side of me that I’m trying to encourage. I’ve always been very cautious, controlled and worried what people might think of me and that need to change. Said and done: this is my first blog post; read and weep (mostly for my lack of writing skills).

BTW, Stray Bullet is also a song written by Bruce Springsteen and if you continue to read this blog you’ll find out just how much the music of Bruce Springsteen affects my life. You’ll also read about teaching, training, films and friends; my life in a /nut/shell.

Please come back and read more!

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