Where the Bands Are (Blackberry Smoke, 24 October, 2018)

Blackberry Smoke sometimes are a southern rock band, sometimes a jam band a la the Grateful Dead and sometimes they’re a country band. To me that’s what makes them a damn good band.

The musicians of Blackberry Smoke are all perfectly competent. Lead singer and guitar player Charlie Starr has a sweet, soft “country” voice that fits well with their mellower tunes and he also delivers fierce guitar solos. Brandon Still’s electric organ is always a pleasure to listen to. Too bad the organ doesn’t have a more prominent spot on stage. Paul Jackson (guitar and background vocals) holds his ground as well as Brit Turner (percussion and background vocals) and Richard Turner (bass and background vocals).

img_4754The concert the other night (Oct 24.) was a mixed bag of hard-rocking material rubbing shoulders with country tunes and some rockin’-boogie. There were a lot of groovy guitars and, as the last time I saw them, their live performance was so much more rock than the studio albums are.

Nobody Gives A Damn, Good One Comin’ On and Waiting For The Thunder kick off the show. In the middle of the song Sleeping dogs the band go into a jam session in which they mix the song Come Together by the Beatles.

Towards the end of the set they (finally) play Sunrise in Texas, which made the all-too drunken lady to the right of me, who had spent most of the concert alternately spilling beer and shouting: “Sunrise in Texas” and “IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou, Charlie”, overjoyed.

For me, the highlights of the concert include: Let me Down Easy, One Horse Town, Let it Burn and the encore Ain’t Much Left of Me.

Well my fall from grace was a sight to see, good turned to bad and bad turned to misery

Blackberry Smoke seem like the ultimate jam band, the show was a party for the band, as well as the crowd. I was dancing and singing along with every song, swept up into their infectious tunes and good vibes.

Blackberry Smoke

Date: 24 October 2018

Venue: Pustervik, Gothenburg (sold-out)

Support Act: The Quaker City Night Hawks (hard and heavy rock ‘n roll beats from Texas)

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