Red Headed Woman (auf Deutsch)

Das klassische Liebeslied von Bruce Springsteen ist kein konventionelles Märchen, das sentimental und romantisch ist. Es ist eher eine realistische Darstellung des Alltags, die sich aus Herzschmerz und Leidenschaft, Hass und Verlangen, Ehe und Trennung zusammensetzt. Die Songtexte handeln von einer Liebe, die uns auseinander reißen kann. Manchmal ist die Betrachtung direkt und explizit und... Continue Reading →

Red Headed Woman

A classic Bruce Springsteen's love song isn't a conventional sentimental romantic fairy-tale. More typical is a realistic delivery of heartbreak and passion, hatred and desire, marriage and divorce and everyday life. Some of them are telling us how love can rip us apart and some of them very directly and explicitly illustrate lust (some of... Continue Reading →

Cadillac Ranch

For this blogpost my intention was to write about Springsteen songs in which real locations are mentioned. When I put together the list there were so many songs I realised I maybe had taken on more than I could chew. I definitely needed to break it up in different categories. This entry, which is the... Continue Reading →

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