57 Channels (and nothin’ on): Studio 666

In the film the Foo Fighters (all six current band members starring themselves) move into a a mansion to record their highly anticipated tenth studio album. The mansion turns out to be haunted. In fact, it’s where the legendary band Dream Widow perished in a murder. Dave Grohl, who is supposed write the songs, is experiencing writing constipation and as strange things start to happen in the house he ends up possessed by supernatural powers. The band begin to record a song that never ends and cruel and (very) bloody events follow their efforts to finish the song.

Studio 666 is not a very good film, but at the same time fun to watch. I had anticipated a bloody and splattery mess and that’s exactly what I got. It’s rather silly and exceedingly gory and the acting is far from Oscar calibre (Pat Smear’s acting is is especially stiff and wooden like), but their efforts are charming and contribute to the comedic part of the film.

To conclude, Studio 666 is a stilted horror comedy that delivers big laughs, vulgar language, bloody gore and some headbanging death metal music. Go see it, why don’t you!

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  1. Great to read something new from you 🙂

    There are many movies in the past years to promote a new studio album, but the style of a horror film should be something new.
    I think the hardcore fans would go and see this movie.

    Few days ago I got the news that Dave Grohl is struggling with his hearing problems and he also mentioned that he has problems to understand people who wear masks.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Sori! I haven’t had much to write about, hence the hiatus, and I’m happy I haven’t lost all my readers.

      I also read about Grohl’s hearing problems and I can totally imagine his frustration, especially considering his field of work.

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