Where the Bands Are (Mumford and Sons, 18 May, 2019)

Mumford & Sons’ Delta World Tour rolled into Gothenburg Saturday night to Scandinavium Arena and from the minute they walked on the stage the band wasted no time at all. They opened with well known up-tempo songs; Guiding Light, Little Lion Man and Holland Road and the crowd was clapping and singing along from the start. Even through the slower songs the band kept the energy and I think they had made a fantastic job of mixing high-energy tracks with slower-tempo tunes and combinating their new music with fan favourites.


Singer Marcus Mumford’s characteristic vocals came across clear and it was fully infused with earnest emotion. He had microphones set up on both sides of the circle formed stage and he moved from side to side and sometimes around the stage. A combination of lights above the stage changed colours and shapes over the stage, created a unique scene for each song.

To put the stage in the center of the venue allowing the GA-ticketholders to stand on either side is actually a brilliant idea. Not only does it force the band to be more aware of their audience and to move more consciously around the stage, it also allows the audience to get a better view, especially from the stands. Traditional stages, where the stage conventionally is on the short end, the stands on the opposite short side of the stage normally offer bad visuals.


  • Guiding Light
  • Little Lion Man
  • Holland Road
  • The Cave
  • Beloved
  • Lover of the Light
  • Tompkins Square Park
  • Woman
  • Believe
  • Ditmas
  • Slip Away
  • Picture You
  • The Wolf


  • Wild Heart
  • White Blank Page
  • Forever
  • Blood (the Middle East Cover with support act Gang Of Youths)
  • Rose of Sharon (live debut)
  • I Will Wait
  • Delta

Photo cred: pita_oli

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