Where the Bands Are (Brian Fallon and the Howling Weather, 14 June, 2018)

Gaslight Anthem’s frontman Brian Fallon’s solo career started, when the band decided to take an indefinite break in 2015. The first solo album “Painkillers” was released in 2016 and it was quite successful.

Last time Brian Fallon was in Gothenburg in December 2016, I didn’t particularly like the show to be honest (though the reviews were fantastic). The music was great but it felt like their catalogue was a bit limited. I’ve decided to give him a new chance. This time there’s a brand new album out, Sleepwalkers, and he is bringing a new backup band: the Howling Weather, so my expectations are high.

Ten minutes before the show is supposed to start there is a sudden power outage and we’re informed that, if they can’t get the power back on, the show might be an acoustic one.

Luckily the power comes back right in time for the show and Fallon and band are able to play their normal set, which mainly consists of songs from their newest album, Sleepwalkers, but a few classics from the first album (Painkillers) are also dropped into the mix.

img_3281In the middle of the set the backup band, the Howling Weather, leave the stage for Fallon to perform solo. He delivers beautiful versions of the songs Steve McQueen and Rosemary. We even get a stunning solo version of Gaslight Anthem’s song, Handwritten, where Fallon sings his heart out alone by the piano.

The show closes full band with If your prayers don’t get to heaven.

I must say that I’m happy that I decided to give Brian Fallon another chance. It was a great show; Fallon’s voice is unique, the words and music create a remarkable sound of rock and blues more reminiscent of his days in the Gaslight Anthem than the first show I attended.

Setlist: 1. My Name is the Night (Color me black), 2. Forget Me Not, 3. Come Wander with me, 4. Red Lights. 5. Lady Killer, 6. Painkillers, 7. I Witnessed a Crime, 8. Little Nightmares, 9. Bell Bottom Blues, 10. Neptune, 11. Steve McQueen, 12. Handwritten, 13. Rosemary, 14. A Wonderful Life, 15. Smoke, 16. Etta James, 17. If Your Prayers Don’t get to Heaven.

Support act : City Maze is a new local pop band (it’s only their second ever show together). Their music is loud, melodic and a lot of fun.

This summer the Gaslight Anthem are also on tour, after a three-year hiatus. With “The 59′ sound anniversary tour” the 10th anniversary of their most successful album is celebrated with a series of sold-out concerts in the USA and Europe (sadly no date in Sweden). In an article in “Rolling Stone” Fallon says it was the pressure and all the Springsteen comparisons that led the group to split in the first place and no new album is to be expected in the near future.

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