Hunter of Invisible Game

The song Hunter of Invisible Game (released on the album High Hopes in 2014), sprung from a title that Springsteen came up with and wrote down. At that time Springsteen had done some post-apocalyptic reading and wanted to incorporate that in a song. Subsequently the title evolved into a full song. The setting is a wasteland... Continue Reading →

Spirit In The Night

This blogpost was supposed to be a celebration of Clarence "Big Man" Clemons, as June 18th marked the 7th anniversary of his passing. As I started writing I realised rather quickly that it was also going to be a celebration of comradeship. The story of how Clarence Clemons met Bruce Springsteen for the first time... Continue Reading →

The Promise

It's June 25th 2016, a nice sunny Midsummer's Day in Gothenburg, Sweden. 62 676 fans, packed in the pitch and in the stands of Ullevi, eagerly awaits the arrival of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It's the first of three concerts in Gothenburg (the River 2016 tour). Finally Bruce Springsteen strolls onto stage,... Continue Reading →

Where the Bands Are (Foo Fighters, 5 June, 2018)

Foo Fighters' last show in Ullevi (June 12, 2015) is a modern classic: already in the second song, during the audience's favourite Monkey Wrench, singer/frontman Dave Grohl takes an unluckily step and falls off the stage slap-bang down on the ground. Nobody understands what has happened at first, but from the look on drummer Taylor... Continue Reading →

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