Where the Bands Are (Foo Fighters, 5 June, 2018)

Foo Fighters’ last show in Ullevi (June 12, 2015) is a modern classic: already in the second song, during the audience’s favourite Monkey Wrench, singer/frontman Dave Grohl takes an unluckily step and falls off the stage slap-bang down on the ground. Nobody understands what has happened at first, but from the look on drummer Taylor Hawkins’ face shown on the screen the crowd realise that something is very wrong.

Eventually you hear Dave Grohl’s voice: ”I think I just broke my motherfucking leg…”.

”I think I just broke my motherfucking leg…”

Grohl is carried backstage as the band continue to play (now the cover Faces Stay with me) and parts of the discouraged audience are beginning to leave. Grohl, however, has no intention to cancel the show. He returns first on crutches but, after a short intermission, he reappears wearing a provisional cast. He finishes the show sitting on a chair singing and playing his guitar while the leg is kept immobilised by a paramedic, Johan Sampson. The story, of course, makes headlines worldwide (see video below).

img_3046There was no way last night’s concert was not going to be about the incident I’ve described above. It starts off with a new “Slap-bang down on the ground” incident, though this time it’s only for fun- it’s a stuntman wearing a wig. He is followed by the real Dave Grohl, with a big smile on his face, shouting “Do you wanna see me stay up here all fucking night this time?!?” – kicking off the first song All my Life.

After that, it’s 100% pedal to the metal, leaving the crowd ecstatic. The Foo Fighters surely know how to rock a stadium. The frenzied versions of The Sky is the Neighbourhood, Monkey Wrench and Best of You are so brilliant! Dave Grohl’s and Taylor Hawkings’ guitar vs drum duel during Rope is exceptional and memorable.

When the wheels come down. When the wheels touch ground. And you feel like it’s all over. There’s another round for you

My Hero is dedicated to the Swedish paramedic Johan Sampson, whose smiling face is shown on the screens while the song is played. Before playing Wheels, Grohl praises the Ullevi audience and venue again and promises to come back. He claims that Ullevi and Gothenburg holds a very special place in his heart and it’s obvious that the feeling is mutual. The band is on fire during the three encores and the show is over – after about 2 hours and 45 min.


1. All my Life, 2. Learn to fly 3. The Pretender 4. The Sky is the Neighbourhood 5.Rope 6. Sunday Rain. 7 My Hero. 8. These Days 9. Walk 10. Presentation of the Band/Medley 11. Monkey Wrench 12. Wheels 13. Breakout 14. The Line 15. Dirty Water 16. Run 17. Best of You ENCORES: 18. Times Like These 19. Generator 20. Everlong.

Support acts:

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – an English punk rock band, that put on a really good show. I need to check them out on my Spotify.

Goat – a Swedish fusion rock band, which performance was one of the weirdest (and worst) I’ve seen in my life.

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