Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

I'll hand it to you directly, Waitin' on a Sunny Day is not one of my favourite Bruce Springsteen songs. What ruined this song a little bit for me is the live show arrangement, where a child is (reluctantly) pulled up on stage to sing the simple chorus with mr Springsteen himself. However, it wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Last Carnival

Earlier this summer I attended the TeachRock workshop on the Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul's "Teacher Appreciation Tour" in Malmö. The workshop was very inspirational and I promised myself that when I was back at work after the summer holiday I was going to check out the website some more and make use... Continue Reading →

Mary’s Place

Today is my birthday but I never was much for celebrating it. Some people may argue that I have an issue with getting older and perhaps that's true, although I've always thought that age is just a number and what really matters is how old you feel not what it says on a paper. My... Continue Reading →

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Konzerte. Anders hören mit den Hörgeräten. Ein bisschen Erfurt. Ein bisschen Wien. Und hin und wieder Bruce Springsteen.


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