Bruce Springsteen – The Stories Behind the Songs –

If you’ve ever wondered about the historical context behind Springsteen songs the fairly newly released: Bruce Springsteen The Stories Behind the Songs by Brian Hiatt is the book to read.

In the book Rolling Stone writer Brian Hiatt takes a detailed look at each and every one of Springsteen’s album tracks. Hiatt has interviewed Springsteen five times in the past and has conducted numerous new interviews with his collaborators; members of the E Street Band, producers, and engineers for this compilation of backstories and anecdotes accompanied by 180 photos.

It’s jammed with unique and insightful stories from Springsteen’s long career and even the most hardcore Springsteen enthusiast will find new uncovered stories to indulge and new issues to dissect and discuss. It’s like discovering the songs anew.

“At least two of Springsteen’s ex-girlfriends are convinced they’re the subject of Candy’s Room.” (Hiatt p.65)

Reading this book will, of course, not change your own ideas of what these songs mean to you and what they have meant to you during the course of your life, and it shouldn’t. I’m a firm believer that you are entitled to your own experience and interpretation. The Stories Behind The Songs will enhance your appreciation of how your favourite songs came to be.

This anthology is probably not for someone with just a brief interest in Springsteen’s music, but if you’re a dedicated fan you’ll find there are lots to like here. It’s a grand portrait of an extraordinary career and a considerable catalogue. Read it from cover to cover or use it as reference book (it’s a perfect treasury to dip in and out of as the mood takes you) or do both 😁.

The whole book is very well written and thoroughly researched, and I warmly recommended it.

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