Turn it up, turn it up…(Pearl Jam ‘Gigaton’)

Pearl Jam’s eleventh studio album Gigaton, the first in seven years (!) was released on March 27, 2020.

Gigaton consists of twelve newly written tracks and it starts off quite energetically with Who Ever Said and Superblood Wolfmoon. The level of intensity is almost the same as of classic Pearl Jam albums, which nostalgic fans will appreciate. However, the third track Dance of the Clairvoyants, released on January 22, 2020, as the lead single, seems to have taken inspiration from elsewhere. Its electro-punk pop sound sticks out in a weird way.

The album closes with Comes Then Goes, Retrograde and River Cross, where Vedder’s vocals trembles characteristically and the sound is more intimate, which reminds you of the classic acoustic Benaroya Hall session (2003).

The album Gigaton appears a bit indecisive and, to me, the lack of cohesion is confusing and I can’t really relate to it as a whole although I like some individual tracks; Who Ever Said, Superblood Wolfmoon and Retrograde,

It’s hard to tell how good Gigaton is until the music have met Pearl Jam’s amazing audience. I have yet to see them live, and due to the circumstances (se tweet below) I’ll have to wait, but I’ve heard that at the right time and evening, they are one of best live bands in the world.

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