Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

I'll hand it to you directly, Waitin' on a Sunny Day is not one of my favourite Bruce Springsteen songs. What ruined this song a little bit for me is the live show arrangement, where a child is (reluctantly) pulled up on stage to sing the simple chorus with mr Springsteen himself. However, it wasn't... Continue Reading →

Where the Bands Are (Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, 1 June, 2019)

Little Steven and The Disciples of Souls' show in the venue "Cirkus" in Stockholm was vibrant and powerful, both musically and visually. With its oversized production; a full fourteen piece band consisting of a five piece horn section, drummer, bass player, bongo and percussionist, two keyboard players, three backing singers and a guitarist plus Steven Van... Continue Reading →

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