Glory Days

Written by Bruce Springsteen, who incidentally celebrates his 69th birthday today (Happy Birthday, Bruce!), this song was a huge hit off the 1984 album Born in the USA. The lyrics tell the tale of someone meeting up with old high school acquaintances in later years only to discover that conversation has changed little as the... Continue Reading →

Born in the USA

One of the most famous misinterpreted song of all time must be Born in the USA. To a superficial listener this could be a fist-pumping patriotic song about American pride. When examining the lyrics more closely you realise it's actually an ironic and biting commentary on the hypocrisy of patriotism. One of my favourite things... Continue Reading →

Livin’ in the Future

The song Livin' in the Future is an upbeat and, on the surface, catchy and happy song starting off with a snare drum and big bright saxophone (Clarence is doing a fab job throughout the song). The guitar work is also fantastic. Musically the song is very R n' B and it has an explicit... Continue Reading →


One of the songs that has been on my bucket list for a long time is Roulette. There is so much I like about this song but, unfortunately, I've never been lucky enough to catch it live. The song starts off with a full-speed-ahead massive drum roll and cool soaring guitars. The evocative drum part... Continue Reading →

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