Grab Your Ticket and Your Suitcase [Edinburgh 12-16 February, 2020]

Edinburgh is one of the most stunning cities I’ve ever been to. Guarded by Edinburgh Castle, the city is full of fantastic Georgian and Victorian architecture and winding medieval streets. One of the most appealing things about Edinburgh is that it’s a relatively small city, which make almost everything within walking distance. Walking the streets... Continue Reading →

The Live Series: Songs Under Cover

On 14 February, 2020 a new Bruce Springsteen archival live compilation was released via streaming services. It is the sixth installment in a series of themed live playlists from Springsteen (“the Live Series”). This new playlist gathers 15 interesting covers that Springsteen has played with The E Street Band over the years. The Live Series:... Continue Reading →

Where the Bands Are (Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls + Dropkick Murphys, 4 February 2020)

“Who would have thought that after all, something as simple as rock 'n' roll would save us all.” Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls + Dropkick Murphys, 4 February 2020, Kajskjul 105, Gothenburg. Right from the top, the event’s “special guests” (and one of the main reasons I bought myself a ticket), Frank Turner and... Continue Reading →

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