Where the Bands Are (The Bowie Tribute 3 September, 2021)

The Danish band The Bowie Tribute are finally back on tour after a long COVID-hiatus and last night they played in Gothenburg. Sweden (the original date for this particular concert was 24 April, 2020).

Their Celebrating a Lifetime of Bowie-tour marks the 50th anniversary of the icon David Bowie’s work and legacy. The show takes you for a journey through Bowie’s vast catalogue, from Space Oddity (1969) up to date. It’s a good mix of the most well known songs and the obscure ones.

What I like about The Bowie Tribute is that they do their own thing. It’s the music of Bowie, but the arrangements sound authentic and genuine.

Michael Saxe

Front man and lead singer, Michael Saxe, is this band’s main attraction, but I also want to mention John Kenneth Nilsson, who performs searing guitar solos and backing vocalist Christina Lecocq, who every now and then shines (for example in Under Pressure).

In between songs Saxe talks about Bowie and also expresses his and the band’s gratitude to finally be back on stage. It’s kind of funny that he persists on speaking English with us although he apparently knows some Swedish. In the second half of the show some person in the audience suggests that he should speak Danish instead (Danish and Swedish being closely related languages) and after that I have no idea what he is talking about (forgive me, my Danish readers 🤪).

Gosh, I can’t really tell how much I’ve missed live music (my latest live show was in February 2020). I must say that, although we were only around a hundred people in the audience and had to be remain seated at our tables throughout the whole concert, I had a great time!


The Bowie Tribute: Michael Saxe (lead vocals), Christina Lecocq (lead and backing vocals), John Kenneth Nilsson (guitar and vocals), Morten Hall (bass), Finn Markwardt (keyboards and vocals), Lars Bertelsen (drums), Peter Brander/Mediasound (sound engineer) .

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  1. So glad also 4 u to experience live music again, Anna! It is such a loss to be without such performances! I too have gone out, albeit very carefully, to see live music again, most recently on a cruise in Iceland! It was thrilling to be in the Star Theater w my friend Vandy, seeing a 4 piece band and 4 lovely young singers/dancers doing music we both like. More plans upcoming as well.

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