The Ties That Bind

In December 2018 Legacy Recordings issued the first in a series of digital releases called the Live Series. The first one, available for streaming and as digital download on services such as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify, was The Live Series: Songs of the Road. The release of the second digital album The Live Series: Songs... Continue Reading →


On March 22, E Street Band saxophonist Jake Clemons (the nephew of the late Clarence Clemons) released a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Democracy. The song will be on his next album, due out in May. Together with the release of the song, tour dates were announced, including shows in the Netherlands, New Jersey (USA), the... Continue Reading →

Where the Bands Are

In my blog I've named each entry after a Bruce Springsteen song or a line from a song. I've also sorted them in different categories, some of which with a fixed name. The categories and names are: "Bruce Springsteen songs" [named after the song it's about] "Concert reviews" - fixed name: Where the Bands Are... Continue Reading →

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