Leap of Faith

Bruce Springsteen has been a singer-songwriter voice of a contemporary generation for more than four decades. His work reflects the values, dreams and concerns of many people around the world. It's a commentary stretching from the mythology of adolescence, via the working-class concerns, to the importance of social justice and awareness, and the American dream... Continue Reading →

Thunder Road

My top ten Bruce Springsteen songs change from week to week depending on my current mood. The one song that consistently stays in my top three, though, is Thunder Road. In my opinion, Thunder Road is the mother of all Springsteen songs, one of the greatest songs ever written and it has been one of... Continue Reading →

Meeting Across the River

It's June 2013 and the Wrecking Ball tour is still travelling on around the world, now on its second European leg. I've already been lucky enough to catch 4 shows in Sweden (Gothenburg x 2, July 2012 and Stockholm x 2, May 2013) and now a show in London is up for grabs. If I... Continue Reading →

57 Channels (and nothin’ on) Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is set during a particularly tense time in British history. The Nazis were at their most powerful, combatting their way through Europe and threatening the very existence of the United Kingdom. It focuses on Winston Churchill's role in his early days as Prime Minister. He must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler or rally the... Continue Reading →

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